Our client had a custom-build online system which offered subscription services. Customers could signup online, and after signup, their account was created and an invoice was generated.

We were ask to improve this flow, and automate the end-to-end signup, including generating invoices directly from the system.

Manually creating invoices required approximately 2-3 hours of effort each day, and when multiplied over the course of the year there was significant benefit with automation.


A module was created which linked into the sign-up process. This module, when activated, fetched the customer details, subscription details and discount information from the system – all the details needed to create an invoice.

A PDF invoice was produced by the system, with a copy of the invoice emailed directly to the customer, and copies stored in the online system too.

Over time, the number of invoices grew, and the cloud storage was introduced, which stored the invoice in an Amazon S3 bucket, which is secure and cost-effective.

A reminder system was build into the invoice, so that customers were automatically sent a follow-up when payment had not been received, and accounts were deactivated once invoices became overdue. The invoice reminders resulted in a 7% increase in paid invoices, and automatically deactivating overdue accounts resulted in a 4% saving through reducing revenue leakage.

Due to the cost savings and benefits, the system ‘paid for itself’ in just 5-months, and has been working seamlessly since them.

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