Having a high-performing website which generates a lot of leads can be a problem, a good problem. We were approached by a business who was getting a large amount of leads from their website, but it was a time-consuming process to capture these leads and keep track of them. We helped them setup a CRM system (customer relationship management) to manage their pipeline of business, and then we took it a step further, and integrated their website directly to their CRM.


The first step was to improve the quality of the leads, and we updated their existing website to capture additional information from customers that would give us a good understanding of the type of customer and their needs.

We then created an API module which sits between their website and their CRM, and captures submissions from their website, categorises them, and uses the APIs from the CRM to automatically create a lead in their CRM.

The existing process of manual double-entry was removed, and the sales teams are automatically notified of leads in their region.

To support the executive team, we built custom reporting on the CRM, using APIs, to track the progress of leads and how they were progressing through the pipeline.

The end result is an integrated website and CRM system, with little manual work required, and a sales team that has been freed up to do what they do best … sell.